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Is your website doing its job?


Every website has a purpose. Whether it’s fulfilling that purpose is the most important thing when evaluating whether it’s actually been/is a success.

Think for a minute. Why does your business or organisation have a website? Is it to generate leads, provide information, to promote your vision and values, to sell, to connect with others, or simply because that’s what everyone else is doing?

In order to review the effectiveness of your web presence, you need firstly to be clear what it is you want your site to do. Certainly, with a new website, it’s a big mistake to skip straight to the design stage without at first considering what your goals and expectations are.

Websites must play a prominent role in your marketing effort. For many, the website can be a key player in their sales activities. With customers having very little direct contact with suppliers these days, certainly early on in the buying process, your website needs to provide a positive digital experience from the moment a visitor logs on.

So, always be clear on what you want your website to do – and regularly review if it’s achieving those goals.

If you’re not sure, it could be time to sit down and think through what you want to achieve with your digital strategy and web presence in the next 1-5 years.

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