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Secure UK Cloud Backup

Back up the files and folders on your laptops, desktops and servers to 100% UK-based, enterprise-grade data centres.

Simply install and configure the lightweight agent onto your computers and servers, wherever they're located, and your files are protected. Once up and running you can view, share and restore files simply using the your web console

UK Cloud Backup

The first step is to download and install the agent onto your laptops, desktops, or servers (running Windows, Linux or Mac).

Once the agent is installed and registered to your account, you can manage your devices through the on-line portal and configure backups to run automatically (i.e. which files to backup and when).

Your first backup will be a full backup of your selected files and folders. Backups after that will be incremental – meaning that only changes to your files will be backed up. This makes the backup process quicker and also consumes less bandwidth.


  • Peace of mind - backup the files and folders on your laptops, desktops and servers.
  • Simple restores - restoring or sharing files that have been backed up is easy via the on-line control panel.
  • UK data centres - your files will be backed up in UK data centres, so you'll have no data sovereignty concerns.
  • Enterprise-grade technology - Cloud backup is based on the same technology used to backup enterprise-level hosting solutions.

Secure and Compliant

All data sent during the backup process is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, meaning it's secure from the moment it leaves your computers and servers. You will need port 443 open on your firewall, so that the the backup agent can communicate with the backup servers hosted in the data centre.

Once your data reaches the cloud backup servers it's secured using AES-256 bit encryption - the standard used by companies and governments around the world to protect sensitive data. The UK data centres are ISO27001 certified and PCI-DSS compliant.


Data is de-duplicated and compressed by the cloud backup agent on your computers and servers before being backed up. This speeds up the backup process considerably, consuming less network bandwidth and resources on your computer or server.

Example Pricing

  • 15GB £4.50 per month
  • 50GB £15.00 per month
  • 100GB £30.00 per month
  • 200GB £60.00 per month

Plus £6.00 per month per device backed up. Prices exclude VAT. Prices as of 30th May 2017. E&OE. Discounts available for annual contracts.

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