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Why ‘User Experience’ is imperative to your website design

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Designers understand that user experience (UX) is an integral part of every website that they create, for, without regular visitors and new connections, companies cannot grow their sales or expand their business.

38% of users will disengage from a website if they feel it’s unattractive

Whilst you could argue that every website must provide great user experience by default, UX is a specific design or thought process where the primary objective is to create a site that puts customers’ needs first. Ask any reputable web designer about UX and they will tell you that it’s far from a standard design approach.

User experience design is about enhancing your customer’s satisfaction and in turn loyalty, by increasing the pleasure of usability on your website.

So why do you need to get the UX right? Research confirms that visitors to your site make an initial judgement about you in a matter of seconds, so your site needs to make a good first impression so customisation is important, along with experience-driven features.

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