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Content Management Systems

Choosing a content management (CMS) system to power your website could be one of the best  commercial decisions you make, saving management time and maintenance costs.

It will save valuable time, keep your website fresh and up-to-date.


INCO CMS is a proven web content management solution. It’s easy to use, scalable and very effective when it comes to helping you control and manage your website.

The INCO CMS (web content management system) comes with a structured training programme (either on-site or remotely delivered) for your administrators and editors.

Is your website an asset or a burden?

Managing your website can prove to be a burden. Our INCO CMS solution makes it an integrated part of your wider communications strategy. The CMS framework is perfectly aligned to respond to your individual requirements, but also grow and adapt as your needs change.

Website Features

  • Create, Review, Publish
  • Full Control over Website Content
  • Custom Visual Design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Hierarchical Menu
  • Browser Independent
  • Virtual Tours and Photo Galleries
  • Video Integration (Vimeo / Youtube)
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter / Facebook)
  • Password Protected Areas
  • Powerful Search Facility
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Calendar and Events
  • Feed Import and Export (RSS)
  • Web Polls and Forums
  • Role Based Permissions & Access Restrictions
  • Workflow Mechanism
  • Content Scheduling
  • Version Control Mechanism
  • Cross Content Publishing
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Remote Support & Reduced Maintainence Costs
  • Unlimited Page Creation
  • Google Analytics Integration for Website Statistics & Analysis Facilities


Whilst we work with many web content management systems, Drupal has proven to be an ideal fit for specific market sectors. We think it’s a highly powerful and quite brilliant modular framework for creating great websites of a certain size.

Over the years, Drupal has been used in every major sector, for corporate sites, as well as being recommended by government, charities, organisations and businesses.

Powerful and scalable

Drupal helps us to build visual, dynamic web experiences for our customers. Its modularity allows our designers to create a versatile and bespoke platform that you can control, manage and add to as your needs change.

All of our Drupal sites are fully responsive and interactive, offering optimal viewing across a wide range of platforms and devices including mobiles, tablets and PCs. We manage each aspect of the design and development of your bespoke website in addition to offering Drupal hosting, ongoing training and technical support.


With Wordpress we can help you build any kind of site that you want. However simple or complex your needs might be, our designers can use it to create a flexible, easy-use platform for you to manage yourself.

As with other content management systems we use, Wordpress is based on open-source technology and trusted by some of the World’s biggest brands and industries.

Beautiful, easy to manage, powerful, reliable and easy to grasp 

It’s super speed, efficiency and robust fetures, make it an ideal option for many different businesses, organisations and market sectors.


We are experienced Joomla developers and regularly use this open-source technology as a platform for developing dynamic, beautiful websites that you can efficiently manage and control.

Managing your Joomla website is easy. Our web team will ensure you receive full training and technical support at all times.

One of the great advantages of using Joomla is that you will require no previous IT knowledge when it comes to managing your web content. This alone has the potential for generating significant cost savings for your business.

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