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Which colours attract customers to your website?

inco digital colours attract to your website

Whilst there are many different design elements to bear in mind when creating a website, we think understanding colour psychology is hugely important.

84.7% of customers say that colour is a key reason why they buy a product

Colour can have a powerful psychological impact on people. But it’s not just about one colour, the way they are blended and contrasted and even the depth of vibrancy can influence opinion, reduce eyestrain etc when it comes to online viewing. All of this helps to create a user experience that leaves a lasting impression.

But why are the primary colours, for example, more likely to evoke a response or feeling? Well, people associate different colours with specific things!

  • Red – strong emotions, feelings and intensity
  • Yellow – warmth, attention-grabbing
  • Green – relaxing and healthy, also represents new growth
  • Blue – calm, peace and serenity. Blue is also non-invasive
  • Orange – excitement, enthusiasm, great as a CTA
  • Purple – success, wisdom, even Royal! Seen as creative.

Whichever colour your eye is drawn to, you need to be working with a website designer that understands colour psychology and how to best apply it, like us!

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