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Engaging 21st Century Customers

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We live in an era of digital engagement fuelled by easy access to the internet on our mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. That means businesses need to harness the power of technology to connect with their customers.

Customers want more than ever before from their suppliers. With 70% of the buying process happening before any contact with your sales team, your online presence needs to reflect what customers are looking for. That means you need to understand their mindset, support their ‘pain points’ and create a user experience that leaves a big impression.

Today’s tech-savvy customer has all of the power and is firmly in control of the buying process. We are all prepared to do detailed online research and compare products, prices and services if it means we are going to get the best deal. To connect with this new type of customer, businesses need to be constantly reviewing their online presence if they are to influence purchasing decisions.

According to research carried out by IDC, nearly 2/3rds of CEOs (from the top 2,000 global companies) have now shifted their focus from traditional, offline strategies to digital, to improve their customer experience.

Now is the time to review your digital presence and to consider if there are other ways that you can better connect with Generation C (the connected customer!!).

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