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Secure Cloud backup

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UK Cloud Backup – a business necessity

In today’s ever more technology-centric world, online Cloud Backup is something that you simply can’t afford to be without. If you’re a business that needs surety of data access, combined with absolute security and flexibility, a Cloud Backup agent makes perfect sense.

Build a solid data foundation

So you’ve worked all week on your monthly business accounts, or updated all of your customer files, but then overlook doing a backup!

Backing up your files is a necessity these days. That’s why more and more businesses across the UK are now installing the latest Cloud Backup agent to protect their crucial data. Configured to run automatically, once set up, you can view, share and restore files simply using your web console.

A smart, quick and scalable way of doing backups

Your first backup will be comprehensive involving all selected files and folders. Subsequent updates are incremental. That means that only changes made to this data will be backed up, making it a much smarter, quicker operation that consumes less bandwith.

Backup will be done in legally compliant UK data centres

Each backup will be held in a UK-data centre so there are no data sovereignty issues. All are IS027001 certified and PCI-DSS compliant.

An added bonus is that data is de-duplicated and compressed by the Cloud-based service before each scheduled backup. This leads to more efficient use of resources and space on your computers and server.

You shouldn’t compromise your data security

From the moment your data reaches the Cloud server, it is secure. Using AES-256 bit encryption, a standard service used by companies and governments across the world, it’s a surefire way of ensuring your data is not compromised in any way.

"To be honest, we think installing a Cloud Backup agent is the most efficient way of managing your data,” said Director - Business Development of INCO. “For a modest monthly fee (costs vary depending on your requirements), you can go about your daily business knowing that you are in complete control of your data environment. Please note that you will need port 443 open on your firewall, so that the agent can communicate with backup servers."

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