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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

inco blog importance of responsive website design

As more people are beginning to use mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets for every business task only capable on desktop, one thing has become clear: mobile is taking over internet surfing. It's everything from browsing social media, using apps, checking emails and doing online shopping. It's extremely important that your business website is now mobile friendly and web responsive.

What is responsive design?

A responsive design simply means a website that has been created so that all of the content, images and structure of the website remains the same on any device. For example, when a user accesses a website on their desktop, they are getting the full view of the website. But when that same user goes to visit the website from their smartphone or tablet, the website will retract to fit on the smaller screen.

With a responsive website design, you don't have to have worry about having different websites for various devices or making sure that your site runs properly on a mobile device.

There are some other really important reasons why you should make the switch to responsive design for your business website:

Mobile usage is increasing

Take a step into the outside world and you'll notice a lot of people on their mobile phones. It seems that just about everyone is attached at the hip with their smartphone. However, there are many businesses who have not yet picked up on this trend and are missing out on making the experience easier for their users.

Recommended by Google

Google claims that it prefers responsive web design as the recommended mobile configuration. But why does Google prefer responsive design? For starters, it's more efficient for Google to crawl the site and then index and organize all the content that is online.

Also, when there is just one website and URL, it's much easier for users to share, engage and interact with the content on that site as compared to a site that has different pages for mobile and desktop users.

Increase conversion rates

Besides all of the search benefits, as well as making users happy, responsive design has the ability to increase those coveted conversion rates from all of the mobile users in the world. Why? If a website is not working on mobile or tablet device, users will be unable to convert.

Social media has gone mobile

We're guessing that you're involved with inbound marketing. But even if you're not, you still realise how important blogging and social media are in the digital age. If you have not implemented a social media strategy in your marketing campaign, you're missing out on a lot of leads. But, social media has also now gone mobile and more people have social media at their fingertips.

Better user experience

We've briefly touched on this before, but responsive design gives users a better experience. For example, users don't have to play around with zooming and shrinking the text or images on screen. Instead, all of the content automatically adjusts to the screen of the device. This makes it easier and more convenient for users to read and navigate on your site.

Easier to manage

Looking at SEO, if you have separate desktop and mobile websites, you're going to have to run separate SEO campaigns for each. Wouldn't it just be easier to manage only one SEO campaign and one website? Having a single website would make your customers happier but more importantly responsive design is more cost effective as well.

Stay ahead of competition

In the business world, you have to stay ahead of the competition. So, if more and more users are using their mobile devices to search and make purchases online, you have to cater to that audience by having a mobile-friendly website. Some of your competitors may not be making use of responsive designs, which means that they are losing out on potential customers. And, that is where you can stay ahead and take those customers away or at least compete with those who have already implemented responsive websites.

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