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In this section of the site, you can find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) documents, which are designed to answer many of your questions about our services.

You will also find our Terms & Conditions and Acceptable Use Policies here.

Anti-Spam Policy

INCO takes a zero tolerance approach when dealing with Spam: UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail), UBE (Unsolicited Bulk E-mail) and similar acts.

Whilst INCO has policies in place to prohibit spam and other forms of network abuse, we are pleased to say that we have never had to take any action against our clients. We would like to thank our clients for their considerate use of the Internet.

For the purposes of this policy, INCO define Spam as any type of unsolicited email, or other form of electronic communication, used for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sending any unsolicited commercial e-mail;
  • Sending any unsolicited bulk e-mail, where bulk is defined as sending a substantively similar e-mail to 5 or more recipients whether or not the e-mails are sent in one or multiple sessions;
  • Posting multiple substantively similar articles to USENET where the articles' combined BI makes them cancellable Spam under the currently accepted threshold;
  • Mail-bombing, i.e. sending excessively large, virus infected or multiple e-mails to a single user with the intent of disrupting their systems, or causing annoyance;
  • Using an e-mail address that you do not have explicit permission to use, i.e. you may not use someone else's domain name without their explicit permission, or a domain name that is not currently registered, for your outgoing e-mail address;
  • All e-mail sent from opt-OUT mailing lists;
  • Subscribing any person to any mailing list without their explicit permission;
  • Sending any unsolicited message to the "messenger service" on another user's system.

This policy applies irrespective of the network that is used to send the message, or communication. Any message which uses, or refers to, an e-mail address, web site, IP address, server, etc. that is hosted or provided by INCO is subject to this policy.

Mailing Lists

You may not run any form of public e-mail list unless the subscriptions are added via (what is commonly called) a "Double Opt-In" system. The "Double Opt-In" system means that when a subscription request is received, you must then send a confirmation request to the address you have received a subscribe request from. The confirmation request must not contain any form of advertisement or commercial content or it may be considered Spam. You must NOT add the e-mail address to your list unless the user replies to the request with a positive confirmation that they wish to be added to your list.

Web Sites

No website hosted by INCO or its agents, may provide, advertise or link to any software or resource that is designed to send or promote Spam. This includes the selling of e-mail address listings where you cannot guarantee that every address has been added via a "Double Opt-In" process.


If you have any questions about INCO's Anti-Spam Policy please contact


If a client is found to have knowingly violated INCO's Anti-Spam Policy, the client's account will be terminated without notice and no refund will be issued. INCO reserve the right to charge the responsible client a fee of £100 per, valid complaint received.

Under exceptional circumstances, if a client has unknowingly committed a minor violation of this policy, INCO may at its sole discretion suspend an account and issue a final warning rather than terminate the client's account. The client's account will only be re-activated upon receipt of a written undertaking by the client not to violate this policy in the future. This exception will only be applied in exceptional circumstances. Failure to read and understand INCO's T&C's and policies before entering into a contract will not be accepted as an excuse.

Please send Spam and other abuse complaints to

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